Daily Surge 9-11-21

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(open columns below)

— 20th Anniversary of 9-11 Reminds Us All of an Enduring Truth …

— Settled: Leftists Are Pulling Biden’s Strings … He’s No Moderate

— Majority Want Biden Out: Dems Unable to Keep His Incompetence Under-Wraps

— Government Accountability? What a Quaint Notion in 2021 …

— Today, Striker Radio w Steve Pauwels
redstatetalkradio. com

…Government Accountably — Anyone remember that? … The Satanic Temple provides a useful service(!) — really … Joe Biden: No Moderate … Thoughts on a grim anniversary (9-11) …

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Published by Steve Pauwels

Pastor of Church of the King of Londonderry, NH; managing editor ClashDaily.com; radio host; married, father of three boys,(two currently serving in the US Marine Corps). Writer, jogger, Dunkin'Donuts and Waffle House fan. Committed to see the Kingdom of God and His Son Jesus Christ impact every part of life.

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